Morning Tea instead of High Tea

It has become a tradition for us to hold at Thank You function for our volunteers near National Meals on Wheels Day.

Over the last few years, this has been in the form of a High Tea around September 9th, at the Members Lounge of Moruya Jockey Club.

This year it could not happen but an alternative has been arranged.

A series of morning tea events have started. 

Since the beginning of September we have been hosting small groups, three monrings a week. The groups represent Meals volunteers (Fridays), Out and About volunteers (Mondays) and Individual Social Support volunteers (Wednesdays). Some of these will continue to meet until November so we can host, thank and train as many people as we can.

The occasion allows people working in the same area to meet each other, discuss roles and responsibilities, to have some fun (we still present our EMoW Awards) but also to undertake training to be able to meet Covid-19 Pandemic requirements.

The training has been designed for each group so is specific to the needs of those volunteers and their clients. 

As a result we will be ready to start our Group Social Support (Out and About) again in mid-October. Our volunteers have been trained in the new routines for collecting and transporting our clients, and for when they are hosting them at the centre of the day. This has taken a great deal of work on behalf of the staff but the volunteers have embraced these new routines, and like the clients can not wait to start again.

It has also been great to acknowledge our volunteers who have given years of service. This year we have 11 who have completed 5 years; 7 who have completed 10 years including our group from Involve; 1 who has done 15 years; and a remarkable lady who has completed 40 years service. Congratulations and thank you to each of these people. Your combined 180 years of outstanding service to others in the community is greatly appreciated and worth celebrating!

Thank you to all volunteers for your work, and for your ongoin commitment to making sure our clients are very well cared for.

About Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a household name and of course we do provide meals to people in their home, but did you know we are offer more than just a meal?  We also provide support to people to maintain and expand their social connections, through our Out and About Centre and through other in home social sevices. See our service page for more details

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