The future

The Federal Government established the much welcomed Royal Commission into Aged Care. The Commission presented a large report with a huge number of recomemndations. The Government has accepted these and started work on developing the new future for Aged Care.

The key will be a new Aged Care Act which is expected to be in place during 2023. Work towards this is happening and the necessary changes are starting to be made.

Australia Meals on Wheels Association has been working hard to present the case for the many Meals on Wheels agencies throughout the country. The AMoWA President has been on a Working Party which is looking at funding for the future. It was good to note that two others on the Working Party were also very much Meals on Wheels 'people'.

New South Wales Meals on Wheels has been to the fore in the submissions being discussed, developed and delivered to the Government by AMoWA. They have rasied a number of issues with the Unit price for meals and services being the biggest issue amongst these.

Ths new funding model will see organisations being paid for services delivered rather than the present system of a Bulk Grant against propsoed Outputs. For all organisations this will be a major change and Eurobodalla Meals on Wheels is looking at a very different future.

Our Bulk Grant allowed us to plan and develop knowing what our income would be each quarter. The new funding model will not allow the same flexibility but we are already thinking how we can prepare for the future.

The new Strategic Plan has been deliberately designed to take us through to when the new Act comes into place; our staffing will allow us to be able to send in our account each month and gain our funding quickly; and our computer system will be able to meet reporting requirements. We are in a strong position for the future as long as nothing 'new' is delivered to us.

We are lucky and believe we are well placed at this time. We hope other organsiations will be able to cope and get through the transition to the new way of doing things.

The future is exciting for how we will care for those within the Aged Care system but the tansition may be difficult for some.


About Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a household name and of course we do provide meals to people in their home, but did you know we are offer more than just a meal?  We also provide support to people to maintain and expand their social connections, through our Out and About Centre and through other in home social sevices. See our service page for more details