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The Board has always wanted the Cooperative to be well known within the community, and to be highly visible.

They have looked at ways of acheiving this including relocating to a bigger site within Moruya and even beyond.

After much thought the decision was taken to stay in the present office and to include the empty premises next door.

The owner engaged a builder to cut a hole in the wall and installed doors between the two spaces. An internal wall in the existing office was removed and the office 'opened up'. The new spaces have enabled the Cooperative to look carefully at how business is conducted and how it can grow.

Our Group Social Support work will now go to five days a week with the new office arrangements allowing for a Wednesday group to be started. This is exciting news and will greatly assist the need we have for this type of support of our older people.

Gradually the developments will occur such as new signwriting on the doors, internal painting and some furniture upgrades.

But to date, the changes are very exciting, capturing the attention of clients and volunteers as well as the public as they go past.

Our changes have been noted, and we are being seen.

The Eurobodalla Meals on Wheels Cooperative will hold its Annual General Meeting on Monday 28 October 2019.

The meeting moves throughout the Cooperatives area and this year the meeting is in Batemans Bay at the Catalina Club. We are most apreciative of the support from the Catalia Club.

The meeting starts at 11am and Members of the Cooperative are invited to attend.

This year there are four Directors who are standing for reelection to the seven member Board. Nominations have been sought and the Agenda established for the meeting.

The President (Phil Armstrong) and the Manager (Alan Russell) will present their reports and distribute the Annual Report. The Chair of the Finance and Risk and Audit Committee (Allan Schuback) will present the Financial Statement and answer questions on the years performance.

The Board will meet after the Annual General Meeting to elect the President and the three Chairs for the subcommittees (Fianace and Risk and Audit Committee, Policy and Administration Committee, and the Food Panel).

The year has been a very good one and the Board is able to look forward and continue the development of the Cooperative positively.

Board members: President -Phil Armstrong
                           Committee Chairs: Finance and Risk and Audit -Allan Shuback
                                                          Policy and Administration -Cathy Milliken
                                                          Food Panel -Les Cater
                           Members -Jim Greenshields, Sue Proud, Michele Saccor

The Board meets once a month and we have been hosted by the Moruya Golf Club, for which we are most appreciative.

Latest News


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Meals on Wheels is a household name and of course we do provide meals to people in their home, but did you know we are offer more than just a meal?  We also provide support to people to maintain and expand their social connections, through our Out and About Centre and through other in home social sevices. See our service page for more details

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