The Eurobodalla Meals on Wheels Cooperative will hold its Annual General Meeting on Monday 28 October 2019.

The meeting moves throughout the Cooperatives area and this year the meeting is in Batemans Bay at the Catalina Club. We are most apreciative of the support from the Catalia Club.

The meeting starts at 11am and Members of the Cooperative are invited to attend.

This year there are four Directors who are standing for reelection to the seven member Board. Nominations have been sought and the Agenda established for the meeting.

The President (Phil Armstrong) and the Manager (Alan Russell) will present their reports and distribute the Annual Report. The Chair of the Finance and Risk and Audit Committee (Allan Schuback) will present the Financial Statement and answer questions on the years performance.

The Board will meet after the Annual General Meeting to elect the President and the three Chairs for the subcommittees (Finance and Risk and Audit Committee, Policy and Administration Committee, and the Food Panel).

The year has been a very good one and the Board is able to look forward and continue the development of the Cooperative positively.

Board members: President -Phil Armstrong
                           Committee Chairs: Finance and Risk and Audit -Allan Shuback
                                                          Policy and Administration -Cathy Milliken
                                                          Food Panel -Les Cater
                           Members -Jim Greenshields, Sue Proud, Michele Saccor

The Board meets once a month and we have been hosted by the Moruya Golf Club, for which we are most appreciative.

Our summer menu will come on line from the 1 October.

Eurobodalla Meals on Wheels likes to provide the very best it can for its clients.

By keeping our menu fresh and exciting, we bring interest in food which assists our clients who are living at home.

Every year we complete a clients survey. Through this we hear what clients think of the exisiting menu items. They can tell of  any requests they may have for the future.

These comments and recommendations are discussed by the Food Panel when they meet every three months. The Food Panel conducts "taste tests" on various new meals and recommends to the Board new menu components. These new meals  are put on our "specials list" and trialled over a number of months.

As our menu changes for winter or summer, we bring forward the items which have been well received. We replace the meals which have become less popular. Our menu always offers clients over 60 different choices from soups, mini meals, large meals, gourmet meals, vegetarian meals and desserts.

The refreshing of our menu is important. It creates variety, interest and excitement in food for our clients.

We want our clients to eat well and to enjoy each meal.

The summer menu will feature the following new meals;

  • French Chicken Casserole
  • Traditional Greek Mousakka
  • Crumbed Lamb Patties
  • Curried Sausages
  • Butter Chicken
  • Tiramisu
  • Vanilla Slice

Our clients can look forward to our special Christmas Menu in December.


The Three Eurobodallla Shire Rotary Clubs, and the Moruya Jockey Club have worked for the community over the last six years through the Christmas Race Day meeting.

Over the last six years, well over $116,000 has been given to the community by these groups. This generosity has helped at the Moruya Hospital; each of the Life Saving Clubs and in community spaces where equipment has been provided should there be an accident.

This year, Eurobodalla Meals on Wheels and Yumaro will be the recipients of this generosity.

The aim is to raise funds so we, and Yumaro, are able to purchase a people mover to assist our clients to get around the Shire.

Meals on Wheels will use the vehicle during the day to transport clients to where the various group social activities are being held.

Yumaro will use the vehicle in the evenings, and on the weekends, to take the residents of Gillett House (Moruya) to various social activities.

Moruya Jockey Club may also use the vehicle when they host visiters who have flown into the Shire for a special race event.

This is a most genrous gift which we are looking forward to and we are most appreciative for the support.

As part fo this fundrasiing there is a raffle which will be drawn on the race day (Sunday, 22 December). Tickets ($2 each, or three for $5)  are out in the community now and the prizes are excellent!

We hope people will support the efforts of the Rotary Clubs and the Jockey Club and purchase lots of tickets!

Our thanks to the Eurobodalla Rotary Clubs and to the Moruya Jockey Club for their support.

Raffle prizes:
1st Prize: $2000 Travel voucher from Travel Team in Batemans Bay.
2nd Prize: Ladies or Mens watch valued at $500 from Michael Hill Jewellers.
3rd Prize: Race Day Package vauled at $500 from Moruya Jockey Club.
4th Prize: Handmade Quilt valued at $300 from Batemans Bay Patchwork and Quilters.

Our thanks to all who have sponsored these prizes and the various races, and to the Moruya Golf Club for their sposorship of the raffle tickets.

"Volunteers are the cornerstone of our organisation."

This statement has been said of our volunteers, by Presidents and Managers, over many years and these words were again spoken on Wednesday 11 September.

The President (Phil Armstrong) and the Manager (Alan Russell) hosted over 50 volunteers to High Tea in Members Lounge of the Moruya Jockey Club. Everyone was thanked for the considerable gifts to the community and to our clients through their work whether it be through our meals operation, or our social support work.

The Lounge was very well presented by the Moruya Rotary Club who provided a very lavish High Tea.

Several volunteers were thanked by the President for their considerable years of service with a certificate acknowledging 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service. We were also delighted to have one volunteer, who retired earlier in the year, with us as she had given over 54 years service. A very special lady!

The New South Wales Network Leader for the region, Fiona Scott, travelled from Canberra to join the afternoons activity.

The Manager presented EMoW Awards which have become a highlight at the thank you gathering.

A few of the certificates given included:

  • "The Finger in every Pie Award" for a volunteer who works in several areas of the Cooperatives work.
  • "The Green Fingers Award" to three volunteers who are working on clients court yard gardens and 'Greening the Shire one garden at a  time'.
  • "The Enablers Award" for the volunteer who has worked with a client and encourgaed her back into driving and getting out of the house more. 
  • "The Patience of a Saint Award" to a volunteer who manages her husbands efforts. 
  • "The Quiet Angel Award" for a volunteer who just quietly goes about her business of helping others.

The afternoon was a great success with smiles, greeting old friends and meeting new ones and sharing in a fun activity or two.

Thank you to Moruya Jockey Club, Moruya Rotary Club, Harry and Rouge (Moruya) and Harris Scarfe (Moruya) for their generosity towrads the success of the occasion for our volunteers.



National Meals on Wheels Day and Volunteers Week are occasions to think about those who help others.

Once again, Eurobodalla Meals on Wheels will hold a function to thank and celebrate our Volunteers.

The event will be in the form of a High Tea in the Members Lounge, at Moruya Jockey Club, on Wednesday 11 September.

The Board of Directors of Eurobodalla Meals on Wheels Cooperative will host the afternoon. The Board is most grateful to the Moruya Rotary Club who will once again do the catering, and to the Moruya Jockey Club who will once again provide the venue. These generous groups greatly assist Eurobodalla Meals on Wheels in celebrating the work, time and commitment of the volunteers.

Annually, various volunteers are recognised for their years of service and others for the funny little things which have happened over the year.

These 'little things' are noted through the EMoW Awards which add some fun and laughter to the afternoon. Who will win the "Patience of a Saint" Award, or the "Finger in every Pie" Award, or the "Green Fingers" Award, or the "Life Saver" Award?

The volunteers are the 'life blood' of our Cooperative and we are very fortunate to have such a committed group working in Batemans Bay, Moruya and Narooma with our meals delivery; and another group helping with our Group and Individual Social Support programmes.

Thank you to everyone, and enjoy the cakes, scones and sandwiches.

About Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a household name and of course we do provide meals to people in their home, but did you know we are offer more than just a meal?  We also provide support to people to maintain and expand their social connections, through our Out and About Centre and through other in home social sevices. See our service page for more details